Economic and Social Impact Statement

Everyone can benefit financially from this project. Learn how you can benefit financially and then pass the word.

How You Benefit Financially


The New Income Expansion and Prosperity Project is a grassroots-led project designed to aggressively address income inequality on a large scale. Grassroots led means the project starts and runs in the grassroots sector of the economy without relying on companies, corporations, the government, or non-profit foundations. Membership is free and open to the general and business public.

The chart above tells the story. You can easily see that workers, or wage earners, are not benefiting from the productivity created by the application of new information technology in the workplace. This is one of the leading causes of wide spread income inequality.

Typically, people look to the government to address and solve this type of problem through regulatory activity. However, in this case, we are introducing and staffing the New Income Expansion and Prosperity Project to address this issue on a large scale at the grassroots level. We invite you to learn more and join us.


To conduct grassroots led economic research into how to apply the internet and other information technology to help the masses increase their workplace income at least 3 times over.

As you can see, this is an extremely bold mission, which is required to address the income inequality issue discussed above. Also, it's easy to imagine why accomplishing such a mission will be historically significant when future generations look back and have a massive economic and social impact on society.


What professional contribution will you make to this mission? How much money will you make? The video below offers you a well rounded view of how we plan to accomplish the mission objective and how you can get involved, contribute and earn significant income part time as a participating member of the New Income Expansion and Prosperity Project.

Join Us

As noted in the video, complete Step 1 thru Step 3 based on your support and participation choice:

  • Step 1 (Support Early Crowdfunding Efforts): Support the Prelaunch, Phase I crowdfunding effort. Go here and follow instructions;

  • Step 2 (Choose Your Participation Options): Choose the Affiliate Innovation Alliance or the THINK BIG Mastermind Alliance to start your engagement and participation;

  • Step 3 (Pass the Word): If you choose to participate in the Affiliate Innovation Alliance and take on the $100,000/month challenge, wait until you get set-up with your personal marketing portals before you start promoting and passing the word. Otherwise, just pass the word by sharing the link to this New Income Expansion and Prosperity web portal via social media, etc.

We appreciate your support and look forward to collaborating and interacting with you according to your participation choice.

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